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  • Crete, Guides, Agni Travel
  • Crete, Guides, Agni Travel

Why choose a holiday on Crete?

Why choose a holiday on Crete?, Crete, Guides, Agni Travel

Crete, an island renowned for its natural beauty and diverse landscapes, speckled with mountain ranges and dotted with caves. The most dramatic features though are the spectacular gorges that cut through the mountains and spill out to sea. The rugged interior is interspersed with vast plateaus and fertile plains. The east boasts Europe's only palm-tree forest beach and the south coast has some of the most stunning beaches and isolated coves.

There are many ways to enjoy Crete. For the more adventurous there are the gorges and mountains to explore. Orgainised excursions include trekking, caving, mountaineering, cycling, climbing and hiking. Those enjoying walking will enjoy the coastal walks along the South coast.

Why choose a holiday on Crete?, Crete, Guides, Agni Travel

The almost guaranteed summer sunshine (on average Crete has more sunny days that any other Greek island) makes Crete the perfect destination for a beach and pool focused holiday. Hundreds of sandy beaches - some almost deserted even during the peak summer months - are a prefect retreat from the rigors of city life.

For those looking for a little more excitement, there are the gorges and mountains to explore. Adventures include: trekking, caving, mountaineering, cycling, climbing and hiking. Those enjoying walking will find the (well mapped) coastal walks along the South coast, a delightful.

Getting to Crete

Most visitors come to Crete directly by plane, especially by charter. There are however a number of other options.

  • Charter flights from Europe are quite numerous from some time in April until the end of October.
  • Almost all scheduled international flights transit through Athens where you must take a scheduled domestic flights to either Chania or Heraklion.
  • There is a regular ferryboat service from the port of Piraeus to Heraklion, Rethymnon and Chania. Ships depart every evening around 8.00 or 8.30 (times vary a little depending on the season) and arrive very early morning (5.00 or 6.00 am).
  • The best option if you want to come by car or motorbike is overland through Germany and Italy and by ferry from Ancona in Italy.

    Click here for more details of: Flights To Crete

  • car hire or taxi transfer

    car hire or taxi transfer, Crete, Guides, Agni Travel

    There is an excellent road network on Crete and once out of the main towns, the roads open into wide lanes with spectacular views around every corner.

    Agni Travel can provide a hire car to meet you at any of Crete's airports or a arrange a taxi transfer to your accommodation. Of course, detailed driving instructions are provided for all Agni Travel properties.

    Click here for a Car Hire Quote: Car Hire Crete

    Walking on Crete

    Crete is a walkers paradise. There are only few places in Europe where you can find the combination of high mountains close to the sea, mild climate with long dry seasons and a large network of ancient paths and shepherds trails. Many of these have been well documented and mapped as a aid to the enjoyment of the walks.

    Gorgeous Gorges

    There are several wonderful gorges to explore on the Greek island of Crete. The Samaria Gorge is over 18km long and you can trek from the rivers and stream while enjoying the incredible views above.

    Crete photos

    Crete photos, Crete, Guides, Agni Travel

    The Agni team regularly visit Crete and some of our photos can be viewed here: Crete Photo Gallery

    Boat Trips

    Souda Cruise

    Enjoy the largest natural harbour in the Mediterranean, Souda bay, sailing in the Balos Express. You’ll get a chance to swim in the deep blue waters of the bay, and enjoy lunch on board!
    Transfer to the port and back is included.


    Take a boat from the port of Kissamos and head to Gramvoussa, where you can explore the ruins of an old Venetian fortress, and then sail off again to the lagoon of Balos.


    The biggest of all the satellite islands and the only one with a permanent population (approximately 45 people living on 50.4 km of land). You can go to Gavdos on ferries and postal ships the whole year round. Gavdos has little tourism and enjoys a traditional life. There is a very basic shop, some tavernas and a few rooms to rent. Most tourists in Gavdos camp out at the beach. Ferries sail most frequently from Chora Sfakia, but you can also catch a ferry from Paleochora.

    History of Crete

    Although Crete has been inhabited since Neolithic times (7000-3000 BC), for most people its history begins with the Minoan civilization. The glories of Crete's Minoan past remained hidden until British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans made his dramatic discoveries at Knossos in the early 1900s. The term Minoan was coined by Evans and derived from the King Minos of Greek mythology. Nobody knows what the Minoans called themselves.
    Its remarkable history is evident across the island, from the ruins of the Minoan palace of Knossos to the Venetian fortresses of Rethymo, from old mosques and Byzantine monasteries to the cave that is the legendary birthplace of Zeus. The Venetian port of Hania in Western Crete is one of Greece's most evocative cities and the capital, Iraklio, is a dynamic city, the fifth largest in Greece.

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    Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and is the most Southerly island, south of the Peloponnese. Crete is 260km long and 60km wide with an excellent network of roads making driving around the island easier. The geographic location, and the contact with different civilisations, has attributed to the special culture of this island. The local Cretians are famous for their hospitality (Xenios - Zeus, the god of hospitality, was born in Crete), their love towards country and preservation of customs.

    Crete Beaches

    Crete's coastlineoffers with numerous coves, bays and peninsulas.

    Maleme Beach

    Maleme is a beatiful sandy beach, located 20km from Chania on the road to Kissamos.

    Tavronitis Beach

    19km far from Chania in the West, just off the Old National Road to Kissamos (Kastelli), you will find the beach of Tavronitis. The beach is an easy short stroll from the village centre. This can be one of the emptiest and quietest beaches in this stretch of coast west of Chania. Tavronitis beach is pebbly and very quiet indeed, a very relaxing place bordered by trees.

    Platanias Beach

    Platanias is a sandy beach very popular and crowded, especially in July and August. Being at the northern coast, it is affected by the 'meltemia' (northern summer winds).The beach is well organised, offering accommodation facilities, food and drink at the sea front tavernas and bars, facilities for swimming and sunbathing (sun beds, umbrellas, sea sports etc) are also available .

    Gerani Beach

    The long sandy beach on the north of the village is awarded the Blue Flag every year. It is partly organised (not crowded) and provides all kinds of facilities such as sun beds, umbrellas, showers, W.C. and sea sports. The blue of the sea joins with the blue or starry sky in calmness and passion.

    Rethymno Beach

    Situated in front of the city of Rethymnon, it is a long sandy beach, extended at a length of approximately 12km in the West. Very well organised, it offers abundant accommodation facilities, of any kind.

    Frangokastello Beach

    The sandy beach in front of the Frangokastello castle. The sea is very shallow and it is ideal for little children.

    Marathi Beach

    Approximately 12km from Chania in the East, you will find the small fine sandy beach of Marathi.
    The beach is very popular and frequented much by locals especially on weekends because of the shallow water, which is ideal for small children.

    Kalyves Beach

    This is a picturesque tourist resort close to Chania Town. Well-developed with many tourist facilities, Kalyves has a long, golden beach.

    Almyrida Beach

    This charming little fishing and coastal village offers a nice sandy beach and waterfront tavernas and cafes.

    Crete Tavernas

    Eating out in Crete can be good value for money and there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from.
    Cretan cuisine is similar to Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine and if you are familiar with any one of them you will quickly find your way around the menu.

    Just about every home in Crete produces its own raki, which is a strong alcoholic drink made of the grapes harvested in mid-August. It is usually taken in a small shot glass in small sips, and its potency varies from home to home.

    Vatalos Restaurant is found right on the seafront of the beach with a wonderful view to the Libyan Sea. The taverna is a place of excellent choices from traditional Cretan cuisine and fresh fish recipes.

    Diving and Watersports

    Discover a Crete that is as beautiful below water, as it above! Beauties are still hidden and undiscovered on its wonderful sea floor.
    You will find many opportunities to participate in water sports in the more touristy destinations. Swimming, snorkelling, surfing and sailing are typical activities offered.

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