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The Paxos Travel Guide

The Time in Paxos is 17:10

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Lakka Paxos

Lakka, Paxos Villages, Paxos Travel Guide

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Lakka: An Overview

Lakka lies in a magnificent setting on the island of Paxos, at the head of a long, curving inlet where the water is of a startling shade of turquoise. Tree-covered hills and headlands drop gently down to the sea, providing the shelter from the prevailing winds. This makes this the perfect harbour for the many yachts that stop in at Lakka during the summer months when visiting Paxos.

A view of Lakka harbour from one of the many water-front bars.

Always a fishing harbour, Lakka is now immensely popular with sailors and attracts every kind of craft from flotilla boats and weekend yachtsmen to awe-inspiring super-yachts. There is never a shortage of something to look at in Lakka!
There are also beautiful beaches around Lakka. Usually beaches around Paxos tend to be pebbly, but in Lakka the pebbles give way to golden sand, as soon as you step into the water. Around Lakka bay the beaches have natural shade. A walk over the headland where the lighthouse stands, or a short trip by boat, brings you to some terrific beaches where the sea has sculpted the rocks into amazing shapes.

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Lakka: Who is it For?

Lakka is ideal for people who enjoy some activity while on holiday, whether it is walking, (the possibilities for walking are excellent) messing about in boats, or swimming.

Staying in a quiet villa outside the village of Lakka, amongst the peaceful olive groves and walking down to the lively harbour front for lunch or an evening meal, provides the contrast that many people seek.

Looking out from the harbour, the bay of Lakka appears to be landlocked - proof of its suitability for safe mooring on Paxos. (The above photo was taken from the Corfu to Paxos seaplane.)

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Lakka: The Beaches and Swimming

The beaches around the inside of the bay of Lakka are pleasantly shaded by trees and while pebbly, have soft golden sand below the water. These are Harami (sandy) and Kanoni (pebbly).
West of Lakka, on the other side of the Plani headland, there are some beaches washed by the open sea - Plani Beach can be reached on foot and a scramble over the rocks brings you to the eroded rock sculptures of another beach.
To the east, between Lakka and Loggos, there is a succession of lovely pebble beaches that can be reached by boat or on foot - Arkoudaki, Orkos, Lakos, Monodendri and Glyfada.

Walking across the headland to the west you will find beaches such as Planos and Achai where the sea has eroded the rocks into strange formations.

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Lakka: Places Close by

The Plani lighthouse is located on the western side of the bay of Lakka, but unfortunately, it is not open to the public.

On the eastern headland of Lakka, there are the ruins of one of the ancient windmills.
Dalietatika is a charming old village above the west coast.
In the olive groves behind Lakka is the imposing Venetian manor house, with fortified tower, belonging to the Grammatikos family of Paxos.
The Byzantine Church of the Ipapanti is very impressive, with two flattened cupolas and a large bell tower.
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Villa Thanasis: Lakka - Sleeps 2-4

Overlooking the bay of Lakka, Paxos, Thanasis is a modern villa with private pool and breathtaking seaviews. For those who enjoy sea-bathing, however, there are footpaths below the villa to some wonderful beaches on either side of the headland: Villa Thanasis, Paxos

Katerina: Lakka - Sleeps 4-6

A modern villa with breathtaking views over Lakka. Nearby idyllic beaches with crystal clear water make Villa Katerina the prefect choice for a quiet holiday on Paxos: Katerina, Paxos
￿Villa Alexander is situated on a headland overlooking sublime views of Lakka and the incredibly vivid blue sea.

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Lakka: What Is There

Life in Lakka inevitably revolves around the harbour and boats. Less obviously chic than Gaios, less intimate than Loggos, but with a 'salty' flavour of its own. There are still a few local fishing boats, but the life of the little village does seem to revolve around yachtsmen and their requirements.

Lakka has an atmosphere of its own and plenty for the happily idle holidaymaker to watch while enjoying a meal or a drink. The restaurants and bars have benefited from the influence of the many Italian visitors and there are some useful shops and a couple of good craft shops.

There is a good selection of restaurants for lunch or dinner and some good bars for evening entertainment in Lakka.
Lakka also has a water sports centre, with facilities for windsurfing, water skiing, dinghy sailing and scuba diving.

What out for friendly locals!

If you choose to turn your back for a while on the many beaches, there are fascinating walks in the surrounding hills - ancient houses and churches, breathtaking views, quiet olive groves.
There are some excellent walks to be done around Lakka, taking in spectacular cliff top scenery, old churches and houses, tranquil olive groves.

During the evenings, yachts moor in the bay or on the quayside of Lakka, offering a sheltered located for an over night stay.

Lakka Amenities

Butcher, bakery, grocery, minimarkets.
One ATM.
Internet Cafe Akis Bar.
Water sports centre, including scuba diving.
Boat hire.
Bus service 4 times a day between Gaios, Loggos and Lakka travelling through many of the inland villages of Paxos.

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Lakka: Taverna and Bars

Lakka is plentifully supplied with bars and tavernas where there is more than a hint of Italy on the menu as well as traditional Greek food.
Some of the bars in Lakka have music and stay open quite late, especially during the high season.

Nionios Taverna : Lakka

One of the tavernas in Lakka is Nionios and if offers and 'open' kitchen where you can go insdie and choose your meal. Nionios is located in the main square of Lakka, just opposite the Serano Bar.

Taverna Nionios Kitchen
Evenings in Lakka are quite lively, with low-key music bars, which in the high season, stay open until the early hours.

Serano Bar Lakka

The Serano bar is where the Agni team are often found! Why not pop in and meet us?
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